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February 1, 2015

This month we are focusing on skin renewal and texture as bettering these aspects can really improve the overall appearance of your skin.


We are now in the depths of winter and as skin is usually duller and drier this time of year, some simple skin renewal techniques could prove truly transformational.


When skin texture is smoother (i.e. less build-up of stratum corneum) the skin reflects light better and has fewer lines and wrinkles, therefore making the complexion significantly younger and healthier.

The two best product ingredients for renewal are Retinols and AHAs. These improve cell turnover and promote exfoliation to reveal a more perfected skin in as little as a few days.

Retinols are crucial for stimulating epidermal turnover and produce a visibly smoother skin by reducing wrinkle depth. AHAs also exfoliate and stimulate new growth, but additionally increase hydration as we discussed in the last post.


These two ingredients combine well as long as you introduce them slowly to your skincare regimen, or if used in a combined formula designed for purpose.

The combined approach has been the mainstay of cosmeceutical skincare for more than 20 years.


Below are my preferred formulas that could help anyone achieve fabulous skin:

Medik8® Retinol Range


This unique family of Retinol products utilise an advanced time-release delivery system that radically minimises irritation whilst producing visible, clinical results. These oil-based formulas absorb superfast to leave the skin wonderfully silky smooth. There are three levels of product intensity available in the new range, all applied in the evening for optimum activity. I am always impressed with the results of these products and love boosting skincare programmes with them because they are simple and well tolerated yet make a huge difference to the skin.


Retinol 3TR: A best-selling product containing 0.3% Retinol in a Safflower Oil base.

Retinol 6TR: A stronger formula containing 0.6% Retinol.


This boosts results for the clients who have been on Retinol 3TR for a while or for more advanced photo-damage, pigmentation and scarring.


Retinol 10TR: The newest addition to the range and the strongest at 1% Retinol. This product is formulated with a beautiful balm-like texture and is ideal for maintaining clients’ results following prescription based Retinoic Acid or for those who have progressed from the previous two products.



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