Back to Basics

January 1, 2015

The festive season has come to an end and January is the time your skin is most in need of a change of pace, so this New Year why not get Back to Basics with your daily skincare routine? It’s the perfect opportunity to focus on simple (and affordable) techniques that really make a difference to the complexion.


It’s that time of year again when our skin is sapped of its moisture by the cold, miserable weather. The constant and sudden temperature changes that we experience from going in and outside can cause havoc with our complexions but to help form a protection against the intense cold and heat hydration is most certainly the key.


Over 90% of skins are dehydrated at any one time but winter is a particular challenging time of year as we bounce between cold and heated environments. Dehydrated skin can be more sensitive and reactive; it feels tight and uncomfortable and also shows the signs of ageing more as we lose essential moisture and therefore volume.


The first step is to re-hydrate from within and to do this we need more Hyaluronic Acid naturally occurring in the skin. Topical application of Lactic Acid actively increases the amount of Hyaluronic Acid in the epidermis and dermis so that you can retain more of your natural moisture, causing immediate and long term volume and hydration.


Once you have restored internal moisture then our range of clinical moisturisers and hydrators work much more efficiently and repair barrier function to prevent further water loss.

 PRIORI® Advanced AHA restores hydration for any skin type as it has a unique time release system to deliver Lactic Acid alongside antioxidant vitamins. My favourite volumising products from this range are Skin Renewal Cream, which is applied twice daily under moisturisers, Barrier Repair, which does exactly what it says on the tin for immediate skin comfort and finally Replenishing Masque, a twice weekly treatment to increase water levels in the skin. Using the three products together will brighten, soften and volumise whilst making the skin less sensitive.


 Medik8® Hydr8™ range is the ideal antidote to winter skin. My secret weapon is Hydr8™ B5 Serum, packed with Panthenol and Hyaluronic Acid to boost hydration and can be added to your normal moisturiser or layered under your favourite Hydr8™ cream. Hydr8™ Night is a rich, restorative treatment containing Reservatrol to rejuvenate whilst you sleep. For skins that are very stressed and dry, Ultimate Recovery Cream is rich and protective with Oat Betaglucans to soothe inflammation.

 Vitage® has a range of products to soothe winter skin. My favourite quick fix is Age Defence Hydrating Mask, which literally restores the skin’s barrier and essential moisture in minutes. You can also use it as a night treatment and add it to any skincare routine to boost hydration. Revitalising Daily Cleanse is gentle enough not to strip the skin of its moisture as it softens the complexion with Hyaluronic Acid and antioxidants. Use with the Daily Cleansing Cloth to gently buff off dull, dead skin cells. Finally, don’t forget the body this winter as hands, arms and legs get particularly dry; apply Age Defence Body Therapy daily to soften, hydrate and firm.


For a clinical approach PRIORI® CoffeeBerry® Botanical Enzyme Masque is favoured by US Dermatologists for dry, reactive and irritated skins. With 1.5% CoffeeBerry® extract it has powerful anti-ageing and anti-redness benefits and can be used as a serum under your favourite moisturiser or as a one-step corrective moisturiser.



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